Greater London Bus Times 2C - updates Oct 2019 to Saturday 2nd May 2020


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After Suzy had received the second proof of the Book 2 (i.e. without all the blank pages), it was with some optimism that Suzy announced this for sale. For reasons only known to Lulu and Print-On-Demand, they sent all my customers one with the majority of pages blank. This took a good chunk of November and December… I told Lulu I’d rather have then reprinted with the correct second draft, rather than the first one sent out to customers. I was genuinely at my wits end before a ‘Forum Admin (and former PODWW staff member) offered some printing services… and good quality at good rates.

The “reprint” has had to be split into two comb bindings, instead of one perfect bound;
Book 2, Part A – September timetable book, Pages 1 to 600
Book 2, Part B – September timetable book, Pages 601 to 740, and October Update Pages 1 to 38 (this as included to ensure everyone had this – apologies for anyone already had one or two but better cover everything this time!)

However, once I got the fixed reprinted files, we are into February. So Part C contains all changes since the free update in October, right up to and including Saturday 2nd May 2020. Additional information in relation to Covid-19/Coronvirus reduced services is included in a summary table towards the rear of this Guide.

As well as various changes happening through the normal changes and roadworks and Hammersmith Bridge closure continuing, there is also a large chunk of services related to the Elizabeth Line/Crossrail including new and extended services too. Please also read the Introduction (Part B, Pages Update 2-5), as it contains some glitches and changes found in September and October 2019.

If Suzy has not spoken to you about this, the price is £30 (with free UK Postage on this occasion) for about 300 pages A5, which are laid up about 150 pages in the same style as before. If you would like to obtain one, please send a cheque to Suzy, give me a ring to Suzy so I can take card payment, or you can order from Suzy’s BigCartel shop. Suzy has tried to keep the price of this as low as possible, but there are still costs to cover.

Once again please accept my most profuse apologies for the problems we have encountered as a result of this timetable being produced. Rest assured Suzy would never knowingly have offered a product with that many problems!!!

The timetable itself is ready and correct to Saturday 2nd May 2020. Hard copy orders will get a complimentary download for now. The print copies are likely to follow once the Lockdown-related restrictions for my copier supplier (a stuck casing part preventing me from de-jamming myself) and also for Peterborough Reginal College (who’s print team are currently on furlough). i.e. whichever one returns to work first!